Artist Statement

Things in today’s world that are important but little remembered, or else that I find vaguely unsettling in some way—those are the things I seek to express in my photography. Oftentimes I choose children as my subjects because seeing them and what they do never fails to excite fresh wonder, even though my daughters are closest to me in my own life and I also know what it was like to have been a child myself.
Observing children leaves me feeling nostalgic and wistful and—sometimes too—a bit unsettled.
To get viewers to really see and feel what I wish to convey, I believe it’s sometimes necessary to move away from simply photographing what’s there and to instead tailor the scene or explain to subjects the sort of picture I’m after.
In addition, photographs serve to record each moment and to give evidence of the times; another important goal for me, then, is to capture images that can be captured today and only today so that they might be preserved for the future.

                                Katsuko Fuchita


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